New version of SABRE DAC 2 / UAE23+

We'll help you celebrating christmas with the new version of our externally powered Sabre dac. We have included a headphone amp in this new version, and made it fit the same box as the UD20 amplifier uses.

The volume knob controls the headphone out only, so the direct line out on the back is not affected by this pot. The volume can still be adjusted with volume hotkeys on the computer. 

Read more HERE

We have a few ready now, and more is in production, ready to ship in 2-3 weeks.

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Hello everyone,
after a long time I recently updated my headphones from the Bose IE2 to Sennheiser HD650. Well the I think I'm going to update to a Schiit Modi/Valhalla2 stack. I'm not the guy for high volumes, so i'm listening to the HD650 on around 60-70% and they sound good, but I miss the last punch like I had with my IE2s. Beside that it is a nice little DAC/Amp!

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