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output wattage for a T3s

output wattage for a T3s

The product page describe the T3s as "The new T3s is the new stereo version of T3. It has two sta517b output stage chips and are good at driving 4 ohm loads. 8 ohms loads can also be handled, but the T4 amp will produce higher output for 8 ohm loads."

2 X 300 watts at 4 ohm. How is it, it produces more at 8 ohms? Is that a typo? I have the T3s on order and can't wait.
the T4 will produce more power at 8ohm.
Thanks Nick. I guess I misunderstood. Would this torodial transformer work ok with this amp? I am planning to use it as 36-0-36 AC
hi, yes it will work, but 36V is at the limit for what it can take. In case the AC power in your house varies slightly (that happens) and it gets above 110V (or 230V) for a short moment, it could be enough to burn some parts on the board. 34VAC would be safer, actually I think we should change the max recommandatin to 34VAC.
Already ordered the 36 volt AC Toroid. I may switch from AC to DC to be safe though I would not be getting the full wattage out of the T3s.
Sorry for putting almost the same question here again, but I want to ask it again just for clarification.

36 volt AC would result in 50,9 volt DC ( 36 volts * sqrt(2) ) after the bridge rectifier (or perhaps 50,2 volt due to the voltage drop across the rectifier diodes). Since the T3s board is only recommended to be driven with a maximum voltage of 48 volt DC, this 36 volt toroid would exceed this "border".

My question now is: Are there any parts on the board which are only rated at 50 volt maximum, except for the electrolyte caps. I think the maximum voltage for the sta517b chips is 56 volts, so a little bit more than 50 volts wouldn't do any harm.

Another option is to unwind a couple of secondaries on the 36-0-36 winding to bring the AC voltage down to say 34-35 volts OR wind some additional secondary in reverse direction for the 36 volt wind.

The Antek Toroid is packed so beautifully, I just don't feel like messing with it!
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