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DDX320 -- power supply questions

DDX320 -- power supply questions

Hi folks.

What voltage can be hooked up to the DDX320.

Spec says 28V. It seems that 24V also works. What the best voltage?? What is the lower and upper limit? What impact would an higher resp lower voltage have on the performance?

What is prefered for best performance --- single voltage or +/- dual voltage??

I plan to run a Connex SMPS500R, which comes with dual voltage. I could try both.

One more. You can read about SMPS and AMP PWM intermodulations. I think I also read once that it would be good to get SMPS and AMP base frequencies alligned.

Is there something I should have a look at.


have updated the product page now, voltage range is same as T2: AC22V-0-22V or DC 22V-31V. (except t2 is single AC)
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