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Power consumption using AC power on T3s

Power consumption using AC power on T3s
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I am using a kill-a-watt type digital meter to measure power consumption while the T3S amp is idle and while feeding it a 1Khz signal.

Some observations:

1. Amp works fine if fed AC 0-36 directly to the amp board (the other 36 volt toroid power output is not connected to the left). Idle watts = 45 - Max watts at 1Khz signal via ipod = 105 watts

2. The relay on the board do not turn on if I use the AC-0-X input that is - connect the left AC lead on the board and disconnect the other AC power on the right side of the board. The leds do turn on though but the relay do not engage.

3. While AC-0-AC is connected via the Toroid, power consumption is 25 watts at idle.

Q1: What do I gain by using 36-0-36 AC as opposed to single 0-36 power input as it seems the other 36 VAC phase does not do much?

Q2: Also the heat sink is running a bit warm at idle. Is this normal?
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