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T1 510A capacitors doubt, please help

T1 510A capacitors doubt, please help

Hi, I would like to make some recap in my boards as I’ve seen some guys suffering from blowing caps, I haven't found any 270uf with higher specs for replacing the C32 on T1 510A, can I change it for a 330uf 35V or it’s better to go for a 220uF 35V? Or maybe change C34 also to keep the same capacitance?

Is it better to go for a larger or smaller value since max current are supposed to be at 120mA?

I have also seen that my board has 22uF 50v capacitors in its outputs (C36/ C37), while the scheme shows them at 100uF, should I change it for higher capacitance also?

When are you going to have T2 Special again and what is it real output power? Cause the site says it has the same power as the T2 w/ STA505 paralleled. but STA510A has more the power than 100W each channel when bridged paralleled.

Hi, I did answer your email already.
The post with the blowing cap you refer to on diyaudio was on a board from 2010 which had a 16V caps, we use higher V caps there now.

About caps question, the caps you list are for power supply bypass. So, It's ok with min 220uF for C3 and also ok to keep C34 as is. Also, C36 and C37, you can change them to bigger like 100uF(50V &105 degree type).

We have the t2 510a in stock now. It will have the same power as sta505 when powered with the same voltage. 510a can take higher voltages, but is limited by the small heatsink. You can try 35V if you don't have a too small box for it.
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