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selecting the right amp

selecting the right amp

hello Nick and all

of the amps currently available...

-use for headphones would place 8ohm non conducting resistor on speaker taps so amp would see apr 8 ohms

-low power amp I have 12v 3 A linear and 24v2.5A switching power supplis

-need very guiet no speaker hiss as headphones would pick that up

-need adjustable dc offset

-need on board volume pot of desent quality

-as I do not solder, input, power, output to be screw type

which of these fulfill

t1 t1m t2 t4? am open to others better quality caps volume pot etc

Nick do you ship these amps and where are you I am in USA

thanks Daniel
headphones are balanced 4 wire not common neg ground

prefer that amp also have 4 post at source input side
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