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CS 4398 "direct out " DAC & battery psu ??

CS 4398 "direct out " DAC & battery psu ??

Hi guys

My first post here. I have direct out cs 4398 dac & presently I'm running 9V ac psu ( from hifimediy ).I have been thinking lately to try battery psu . Could someone point me in right direction what would be optimal battery psu for this dac , particular brand & place to buy it ?

I just replaced blue Wima caps with Sonicaps Gen1 & it was nice improvement .This is great sounding little dac .......

Many thanks :)

Danny G
Yes, battery power can work very well. The T1 and T2 amps sounds really good powered with 2 x 12V SLA batteries to get 24V.
For the cs4398 dac you could use two 12V batteries. Battery type will affect the sound, so you could experiement with differnt types.
And yes, those output cap will also make a big difference.
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