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T4 - Parallel outputs? Maximum input voltage?

T4 - Parallel outputs? Maximum input voltage?


I'm looking to purchase one or more amplifier boards to complete a semi-"portable" rig.

It will be run off of a number of 12v batteries.

I have some questions about the T4 which looks pretty sweet.

Is it possible to connect the outputs in parallel in order to achieve a mono-setup with higher output than the 180w per channel into my 8ohm speakers?

The other question is about what kind of maximum voltage the T4 can handle. I know it says 50v in the description but I guess I was hoping it could handle just a tad more since I have to decide between using three or four batteries. I'd prefer to use four batteries but then with the batteries fully charged im guessing the voltage could creep up to around 53v-54v.

Do you think it could handle this (with the outputs parallel if possible, or with one speaker to each output?) or should I play it safe and go with three batteries, sacrificing spl and Ah?
it is not possible to connect the outputs in parallell.
Above 50V and some caps can blow. You might be able to change a few caps to make it accept higher voltages.
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