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DDX320 v2 & SMPS300r

DDX320 v2 & SMPS300r


I've just received my DDX320 v2 & SMPS300r and I just wanted to check a few things.

I read that the SMPS300r (Here in 230V IN, 28V OUT) can come in single and dual voltage ? When in single voltage, the negative out and positive out are supposed to be the same. How do I know which version I got without measuring the output ? (I did order this one:

I guess the power input on the DX320 is the AC/DC AC1/AC2 port on the board. How do i know where to connect the positive out of the SMPS300r ? To AC1 or AC2 ?

Can't wait to finish this settings :)



Salut Xavier,

I've just finish my config tonight; i supose that you read my thread about my "wrong" dual powersupply (negative and positive).

I try to answer:

There is one mono rail voltage version for SMPS powersupply : SMPS R +28V (R is for positive voltage=single rail) : the one you need for the DDX.
There is one dual rail voltage version for SMPS powersupply : SMPS RE + 28V/-28V (RE is for positive and negative voltage = dual rail) : the one I bought by mistake, but it's ok because i use only one rail after checking Connex Electronic website (my last post)

These power supply are DC voltage (continuous) outputs but you can instead connect an AC voltage (alternative) with the secondary of a toroid power supply for example. The DDX accept these two possibilities : just check the manual user of DDX in FAQ of the forum for the range of voltage. without voltmeter you can't check the coltage but it's probably 28 V for yours

I use 30 V DC because it's the maximum for 4 homs output but 28 V seems to be the right value for the best harmonic distorsions if I understand well.

On my SMPS RE the AC2 is the positive and the middle pin the GND and I supose the same for your SMPS R:use only these two. On the the DDX you don't use the -V aluminium plug because here you are in DC voltage (continuous)

Be carefull for the 230 AC voltage in for the SMPS : the first green pin (near the corner) is for the GND (earth), the midlle pin is the neutral, and last is phase. In France the plugs in wall are like that, left hole : phase ; middle pin : earth ; right hole: neutral (when your are in front of the wall plug).

I've heard the DDX : good, but can't understand the rotary for the volume ! Hifimediy sent after the telecomand that i've no recieve yet...

bonne chance
Hi, the smps300r sold on are single voltage. so connect positive out from smps300r to AC1, and GND to GND.

btw, the smps300r does excist in both single and dual voltage versions, but smps300re only in dual voltage.

Thank-you both for your answers! I did finish the assembly tonight and just need a toslink-cable to do the first test, cant-wait :)

Yeah it works :)

I still have two small issues to solve:
1) There's a weird noise/peak in between tracks or when starting to send a new-signal (My setup is Airport Express -> Optical cable -> DDX-320)
2) There's a slight background noise, independent of the volume setting, even when there's no input-connected. It may be related to the fact that my ground is not very good at home or to the fact that I've not isolated the DDX-320 from the SMPS300r (You can see my setting in the photo above) I wanted to test it before building a proper case.
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