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Connecting VC23 and T1 Schematic

Connecting VC23 and T1 Schematic

Trying to turn the VC23 preamp, SMPS, and T1 amp all on and off with one switch and not have the speaker pop when shutting down. I have a Meanwell SMPS 27V 350W. I changed to a DPDT switch and even though power is cut to the SMPS it still takes a while to drain the caps and I get a speaker pop. Relay with delay or ?

See attached - do you have any suggestions on improvement?

Thanks in advance.


Hi, I saw 2 switches (SW1 and SW2), are they turned on/off together?
And is there pop noise when power on or/and off?
I tried it both ways, wired to one DPST switch which gives a pop at power off only. If I use two separate SPST switches, there is the pop at power off unless I delay turning the amp off until I see the LED on the back of the Meanwell 350W 27V SMPS go out - bleeding off the caps? Can this be corrected in some way so I can just use the single DPST switch?

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