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DDXv2 input/output gain

DDXv2 input/output gain

AAaaaaaahhhh, now that one was really hidden well...

now we're in business, off to do some listening and hopefully put some finishing touches on the case tomorrow. interested in some pics when it's ready to show?

The 4th DIP switch has a +10dB function (not mentioned in original manual as this function was added later). can you try that?
:D Working again! THX

but this brings me back to my question in first post. I really have to crank it up to achieve moderate listening levels. Since this is my first experience with digital inputs I'm kind of stumped.
Hi, it seems like display fail. Try to press the EC11 button when power off and then power on. it's another way to default setup the amp. If not ok, the display board need repair.
Ok, problem has solved itself... unfortunately for the worse:(

whas listening to music and playing with the setup via remote, was in the bass volume mode (TONE) and went up and down via vol+/vol-, then hit the "MODE" button on remote, "oops wrong button", cycled through the xover frequencies back to 000, then display switched back to Bass volume, ran it back to B-00, wanted to leave bass volume menu so hit TONE again, nothing happened, Display still shows B-00, hmmmmm, pressed DFT.... hmmm, nothing changed, music was still running, but no control via remote, tried EC, nothing.... OK, no problem, just turned off at mains, waited for a while, got sidetracked, came back ca. 15min. later, switched dip-2 to off so that I could "play" easier without the display going off in between, powered mains on, led1 and 2 go on, pressed the on/off on the remote, led2 goes off but the display doesn't go on. no sound although source was still on... tried various buttons on remote, nothing, just started randomly pressing buttons, amp went in to standby. kept randomly pressing, amp goes on..... still no display... has the chip lost its bearing?

just finished up my DDX build (w SMPS300r 38v) and first sound impressions are very promising. I do have one issue though. As a Source I use a Logitech Squeezebox Touch and have connected it via toslink. Even with source and DDX at max volume I can't achieve the same levels as before with a TA2024 amp connected via analog cinch. This seems strange seeing that the DDX has a bit more power than a TA2024...
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