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Getting a T1X4 to power up.

Getting a T1X4 to power up.


I have two T1X4 boards here, and I've been wrestling a little with them, as I can't seem to get them to powerup.

I've read the descriptions of the other amps, but to no avail.

I've got the SMPS300R to power them.

The mains are properly connected to the SMPS I think, because I destroyed some 12v light bulbs with the outputs.

The Negative and Positive outputs are connected to DC INP (J3), the positive output of the SMPS connected to the terminal that has +++ next to it.

When I plug in the power cord, the red power LED on the T1X4 is not lighting up.

Unsurprisingly, I don't hear anything from speakers connected to one of the OUT terminals. Not even a hiss.

I also found this PWD terminals on the boards, but reading the manual of the other amps I've found that shorting those pins would probably power down the amp, so I left them unconnected.

I've tried both boards this way ruling out DOA, or ruling in double DOA, but that does seem unlikely.

Can you please tell me what I am doing wrong?

you can ignore my previous post. I've found my answer in post #2 of this topic:
It seems the SMPS is made in several versions, using the same PCB.

All I needed to do was connecting the Positive Output of the SMPS to the +++ terminal, and the other terminal on the T1X4 has to be connected to the GND terminal on the SMPS.

I will not edit my posts as someone else might find it useful.
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