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Power supply voltage advice

Power supply voltage advice

Hello, i purchased a DDX320 a few days ago, and am trying to decide on what power supply is necessary for my particular speaker application.

The system will be configured in a 2.1 setup, using the following speakers-

2x Acoustic Research 215ps 8ohm 100w rms for stereo l/r

1x Sony SS-WSB102 3 ohm 130w rms subwoofer.

I plan on purchasing this power supply-

AGT S-350-36 36V 350w 32-40v adjustable switching ac/dc supply. I assume this is a fairly ideal substitute for a meanwell, and available stateside. The vpp is the same, and i feel confident its more than adequate for the application, just am unsure about what voltage to set it at.

I know i'm well within the saftey margin as far as if it can supply enough power wattage for the speakers/dac/amp, my question is what voltage should i set the supply to for this particular speaker configuration?

Hi, you could use max 36V, I would adjust it to 35V to be sure it's not above.

One more question, suppose i wanted an additional analog input, with two of the optical toslinks in use and one of the coax digital in use, is this possible? Is there a pinset on the board i could wire a 3.5mm stereo input jack to for an analog input source?

I'd like to have 3 digital inputs, one from a laptop usb digital optical toslink source, one from a desktop digital optical toslink source, and one from a component digital htpc source, with an additional analog input for my phone or another analog stereo source.

If theres a way to do this without an additional ADC, and you could instruct me how to accomplish it, it would be much appreciated. If i need a ADC, thats cool too, just would like to know if i need to purchase an ADC unit, or if its unnecessary. As well, would the remote allow switching between these four sources? Or am i limited to a 3 input source selection?

Or would a ADC converter be required for this application? I assume this could be integrated into the amplifier enclosure with a cmos adc, or spdif adc wired to the additional input source pins on the board, and just mount the 3.5mm female jack to the enclosure i plan on putting the amp in. If it could be powered off the board itself somehow without an external dc supply that would be nice, but i understand if thats not possible. Just wondering if its possible, and how to if so.

Hi, this amp can only accept digital signal, so no it's not possible to connect an analog signal.
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