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Ddx320 v2 + i2s ?

Ddx320 v2 + i2s ?

Hi there.

I've been asked by several people if I2S can be connected to the DDX320 V2.

As far as I can see there is no synchronous clocking anymore as it was on the V1.

I figured, that you highlighted the I2S tap-off points with white arrows on the V2 board.

Please advise - if possible - how to connect I2S to the board.


Hi SC. Unfortunately the MCU on board must know what sample rate and signal type input on I2S pins, which is always read from the wm8805. So when you input the I2S directly, the signal may not be recognized. That means I2S is not supported by now. Thanks.

Best wishes.


Why does the MCU need to know the sampling rate ?? Do you need to tell the STA320 about SR. I thought the STA320 recognizes by itself what's coming in.

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