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T1 temporary power supply

T1 temporary power supply

Just bought a T1 amp, so it's got to ship, looking forward to trying it out (looks nice!).

I'm going to buy a Connexelectronic SMPS300R power supply - however I'm low on money, have a couple of bills to pay first, have to wait a month or so to save for the SMPS300R

Anyhow... I have a power supply from a Dayton DTA-100a T-amp. Think it's 24V, 5A, 120W output.

My question is:

Does anyone know if I could use this temporarily and to test out the T1 until I get the correct power supply ?

Hi, yes this will work!
That's great, and thanks!

It's a new amp, it'll be hard to wait - even though it is only a month or two until I can afford the correct smps300R power supply. Anyway, thanks again, can't wait to hear how it sounds.
Quick update - just got the amp, started up and works fine powered by the smaller Dayton DTA-100a power supply. Have to turn the volume up a bit more probably but sounds great. I'm not really pushing it to loud volumes, just usual listening levels, but it hasn't shut down or anything else, no problems. Sounds really great even on less power, should be fantastic once it burns in some and I get an SMPS300R for it.

thanks again and really nice amps!
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