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ferrite cores - just curious

ferrite cores - just curious


I'd noticed some other Tripath amps add ferrite cores - on the speaker output wires and on the power in (DC on the ones I'd seen) - all of these near the PC board. I assume it's for noise or interference reduction.

Just wondered if anyone adds them to the hifimediy boards, or if it didn't make enough of a difference to need to add ferrites.

much thanks
I guess I should have asked that differently - does anyone know if Tripath amps NEED ferrite cores on the speaker wires and power supply wires to eliminate noise ?
There is a RC filter on the output if that is what you mean. All Class-D should have it.

Adding additional inductance at HF in the speaker wire (by external ferrite core) may or may not be worth it.

So no, it does not *need* extra filtering to work properly. But if speaker cables are long enough with high capacitance then it might be nice with an extra bead to decrease RF transmission noise.

I never got the scope trace of residual noise that I asked for so I can't really tell how noisy it is to begin with.
Thanks for the info.
I meant external ferrite cores added to outside of the speaker and power supply wires, rather than the RC filter (just to clarify, but thanks, the filter didn't even occur to me).

I had quickly read something about noise but couldn't remember if it was about the ferrites or something else, like the RC filter for example. Anyway thanks, didn't know if there was a noise issue or not. Would welcome any other advice or thoughts too.
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