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Digital output on DDX320 v2.1?

Digital output on DDX320 v2.1?


Was wondering if someone could please point out where the additional digital output is locates on the DDX320?

Want to connect to a T4 for bi amping. But as far as I can see its not clear where the output is located.

Thinking it is somewhere near the ST320 chip, but any help would be appreciated :-D


Christian, Copenhagen, Denmark
I'm interested in this as well. I'd like to add some stereo power to my setup with a t3s, and would rather pull a digital source from the ddx, rather than split the input to the ddx/t3s.

Not sure if theres a digital out though, i printed out the schematics before, you might take a look at those, i believe you can find them in the schematics subforum. I remember asking for them, and them being added.

Shows the pinout of pretty much the whole board. Worth taking a look at, think i'll do that too. ;)
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