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Balanced version of T1/T4

Balanced version of T1/T4

I asked this a while ago on diyAudio bug got no answer.

Have you thought about a balanced version of T1 and T4?

Perhaps with lower gain to match the higher output swing of pro gear. Around +4 dBu to drive it to full power with volume turned to max.

That would make a great amp geared towards studio and HT where active filters are used as most have balanced outputs.

Shorting hot or cold to gnd should have no ill effects.

Balanced version of T1-M would be neat too.

Perhaps with output paralleled for higher current with single channel instead of stereo.

I have not seen any balanced amps like these so it would be a great opportunity.
Hi, this is not possible because the tc2000 chip used (part of Tk2050) doesn't support balanced input.
There are a number of chips designed for balanced signal that can be used for input.

Or it could be done with opamps directly.

One idea could be a balanced to unbalanced 4 channel card that could be used with a number of amps. Especially with T1X4 for HT use.

If one want to use only one channel for T4 and sub duty the rest could just be left unused.

Should be a fairly cheap and small but very handy addition to the product line.
Hi, yes thanks for your suggestion regarding this. It would be a different amp then requiring a new design, not based on TK2050 as the T1/t4 are.
We will consider making such an amp in the future.
You could still use that controller chip. Just add a balanced to unbalanced converter before it.

But I guess a separate balanced to unbalanced board would make more sense as it could be used for other devices as well.

I can't actually find a small and simple balanced to unbalanced board. So that might be a good first step.

Some articles and references regarding balanced interfaces that could be useful:

The last one isn't exactly modern SMD design but could be adopted.
Did my reply get eaten? It said it had to be approved by a mod (guess because of links) but it has not appeared yet.
hi, thanks, I didn't get notification about this, approved it now.
we'll look at it, thanks!
Here is an integrated line receiver IC that could be used.
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