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Usb dac

Usb dac

As I am looking for a DAC that I can power through the USB interface, this unit got my attention:

My idea is to improve on the DAC interface between my PC and my laptop with the external amps.

Would that the job with the same quality as the "full boxed" Sabre DAC 2 unit?
Hi, yes this will do the job.
The DAC 2 can improve results especially if your computer has very noisy power supply.
I am currently doing the sound for a local drama from a laptop (through sizable PA system) .... tried plugging in the USB only version last night and the power and scale of the music/effects is on another level!! everyone noticed.... I would be very surprised if you could not very easily see a vast improvement (dependant on how loud you want stuff and the speakers you drive).
Good bit of kit - great for the money...

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