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Problem with Sabre COAX/OPTICAL DAC. ES9023 + CS8416 230V

Problem with Sabre COAX/OPTICAL DAC. ES9023 + CS8416 230V

I not long ago purchased this DAC, im abit miffed as i spent a good while and abit of money making a case which fitted correctly only to find i have a problem with the unit once wired up.

When playing audio through the DAC the right hand output has a lot of noise, its not so noticable when playing drum and bass but as soon as you play anything else its just unbearable.

The problem gets much worse as you turn down the volume of the input and increase the volume of the output. Iv double checked my wiring and have tried multiple inputs and outputs at all sample rates and nothing changes.

I was hoping this would be an easy fix but am starting to belive the unit is just faulty.

I did Contact Hifimediy a week ago via the contact page and have yet to recieve a response.

Anyone got any ideas or tips?
we did respond to your email on May 13th, maybe it went to your spam folder, can you check for that?
I'll try to resend it anyway.
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