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DDX320 V2 & power amp post amplification (T3S)

DDX320 V2 & power amp post amplification (T3S)

Say i wanted to take my existing setup, a 3 ohm sony sswsb102 130w rms sub, and a pair of 100w 8 ohm bookcase speakers powered by a 36v 350w smps & ddx320v2, and add a power amp downstream of the ddx, IE use the stereo output from the ddx to the power amp.

What i want to do, is buy a T3S, and use that to give me more power on the stereo signals, while leaving the sub to be powered by the ddx/36v smps.

Is there any way to pull a stereo analog out from the DDX320, keep the current configuration i have with the 2x100w 8 ohm bookcase speakers, the sub, and somehow limit the output power to power another pair of speakers from the T3S? Basically an aux stereo out to run to the T3S and most likely a pair of 150w 8ohm speakers.

Is this feasible? Or are their other ways to do this if not? Ideally i'd like to just run one toslink to the ddx, or possibly add a device upstream of that that can take the spdif, pass it through to the ddx, and decode an analog output to the T3S.

Also, is there any way to control volume of the entire setup using both amps universally?

I figure if there's a way to pull a signal off the ddx's power outputs to the stereo speakers, reduce the power to a safe input level for the T3S, then yes, but i don't know how you would go about setting up a system like that, or how to limit the power to the T3S's input.

Any advice or information on making this happen?

Or should i just split the toslink from the source, and run the T3S (coupled with a DAC), in tandem with the ddx320?

Really want to add some more power to the stereo part of my setup. The sub has more than enough kick for me atm, too much in relation to the speakers i have.
Hi, I believe there is other easier ways of achieving what you want. It's not recommended to use the ddx320 and T3S for this.
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