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Power supply for T1-M

Power supply for T1-M


I am currently researching power supply options for an T1-M amplifier. The following two models seem to fit quite well:

1. Mean Well RS-150-24 - PDF

This can be adjusted down to ~22.8V. Would that be a safe voltage to run this amp on? I am a little unsure because of the remark about not exceeding 24V supply voltage with the T1-M.

So I started searching for other options and found

2. Enstick GS-100-18 - PDF

This one can be adjusted up to ~ 19.8V, which should be away far enough from the 24V limit. My problem with this supply ist the lack of information about this brand. Has any of you heard of Enstick before? All I found was a trademark registration by FDS System Spolka Z O.O. from Poland. Sadly, their website does not tell any details about these power supplys.

So what to do? Try one of those nearly unknown Enstick power supplies? Take a safe bet and choose something from well known Mean Well? Sadly, they seem not to make any 18V supplies. Would it be a risk to try a 24V model adjusted down to around 22.8V?

Thanks for any hints and opinions.
hi, 22.8V is ok! smps supplies are stable and will not go above 24V
Thank you very much for pointing me in the right direction. Looking forward to building up that nice little amp now. :)
Hello there, sells this one as a T1-M amp

however it's 24v and the info on the T1-M say that you shouldn't really run at that power

will it be ok still?

many thanks
This is ok. The problem is mostly with linear power supplies where the voltage might be higher. SMPS is more stable, and this 24V psu is ok.
thank you :)
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