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Optical/Coax Hifimediy DAC is not "sensed" by PC's

Optical/Coax Hifimediy DAC is not "sensed" by PC's

Hello All

I purchased the Sabre32 Optical/Coax DAC from Hifimediy a few weeks ago. 230V version.

I assembled it into a case just last weekend.

Problem; None of my PC's sense it attached.

The DAC senses the PC, in as much as when a coax cable is attached I can turn the selection switch and on one of the inputs the red light goes out so I am assuming that means it is the correct input selection for that input socket.

I have wired it with an on/off switch only on a standard two pin power plug and lead I have used a Plastic case till I work out its position in the hierarchy. Is there anything else I should have done?

Does anyone know what might be the problem?

I have four PC's with S/PDIF outputs none of them sense it. And I have other DAC's that work from these PC's from these same S/PDIF outputs. There is no problem with the PC's.

Have I missed something?
Hi, can you check the LEDs on the dac:

the LED marked PWR means it's powered on
the LED marked "Play" means there is audio output
and the LED marked "ERR" means there is error (no signal or signal error)

which of these are on?
Hello Nick

The issue is sorted. I had been trying to test it without it being plugged into a preamp. (Cautious fool I am)
Once I had plugged the RCA sockets I had added to the output of the DAC, into a preamp, all PC's were able to sense it and I could configure the S/PDIF port.
All good.
I suspect some kind of earthing issue. If I disconnect from preamp while connected to the PC, it is still seen by the PC, but if booted without connection to preamp they seem not to find it attached.
In this case LED's are all good. ERR is out if input on Coax 1 and rotary knob second from right. Power on (Yellow) and when music is playing Green light is flickering. You just cannot configure S/PDIF port if not booted with RCA's plugged to preamp.

Anyway I must say on first listening this DAC will be up near the top of the hierarchy in my collection.

Thanks and regards

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