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Ammo Amp

Ammo Amp

I came hoping to see a sticky in the forum for guys like me, but missed it. I'm not an electrical engineer, but I love electronics. This is my first DIY project. Here's what I'm trying to accomplish:


This is what I have so far:

- 24V 1.5A smart charger for 7Ah- 12Ah SLA batteries

- Two 12V 5Ah SLA batteries wired in a series (the charger says 7-12Ah, and that's the lowest I could find. Will it work ok?)

- A single pole, single throw sealed marine rocket switch (on the + line?)

- A T2 amp board with the provided RCA wiring

- Two panel mount RCA jacks

- Two Polk DB401 marine speakers

I'm nervous because I've not done this before... How does the drawing look?

What type of wire should I use to avoid interference and/or safety issues?

Yikes... Move the switch to the other side of the battery series... Ooops... Also adding 12-24v usb adapter...


Again, all comments and suggestions welcome, but the questions in red are really on my mind...

Anyone? I know one of you geniuses has an idea...
You should add a fuse when using batteries just to be safe.
I'm not expert on charger specs, you should ask the battery charger seller if that charger is ok for this.
Switch could be on either + or - lines. You could use a single switch between the two batteries.
Did you plan on having the charger connected while running on batteries? I think that would take away some of the benefits of batteries.
First, thanks for taking the time to look at this. I ordered two more boards, as my dad and cousin now want one.

I will add a fuse. Any recommendation on what type of fuse and holder to wire in?

Also, I added a switch between the charger and batteries on the + line... To answer your question, I will not plug this in while listening unless there is an outlet available. The batteries are intended to make it portable. I've included a picture of how I have it wired right now (without the fuse).

The idea is that I would leave the charging switch open when using the device on batteries alone. I would close the charging switch when charging or when using the charger during playback...

Here is the charger manufacturer's description of the charger:

"The Smart Charger (UL / CE / FCC listed) is designed for rapidly charging 7Ah - 12Ah 24V lead acid battery. It features with three stages charging and promise 24V lead acid battery to get full without overcharged. (in order to get 24V battery pack, you may consider to connect two 12V Lead acid battery in series). Alligator Clips is installed in output terminal with 12" cable ( red clip is positive). This charger can be use to continue trickle charge a 24V battery 24hrs a day. Ideal for UPS system where you want to continue trickle charge a battery."


After giving this some thought, I've decided to switch to DPST Switches to completely isolate the charging system from the battery and the battery from the electronics.

I still want to add a fuse. Open to ideas... I guess I need to know the upper amp limit to size the fuse, which i didn't see on ebay, amazon, or in the manual...
The amp can draw up to around 7 Ampere, however it will be less while powered on 24V. Average consumption will be much lower. For safety (in case of short circuit), a fuse of 8A or 10A can be used.
thanks nick! I appreciate your help. I'll post pics of the completed project.
Is there already a thread that discusses good speaker pairings with the T2?

I have two R14X2's and there is virtually no bass (specs). Of course, I'm new to all this, so I'm guessing this may have something to do with the trim pot settings?
Still hoping to get input in the speaker choice... After reading about ports, I decided that sealed speakers were better at this size... I've drawn up some pictures of the MDF support I plan to put in the box. One of the pictures also shows the components. I also found a small 3-30v voltage meter to help me keep an eye on power...
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