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DDX 320 on a multiway system

DDX 320 on a multiway system
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Hello I'm an ex ddx320 v1 user (iI used it till I fried the board :(), I noticed only today the v2. Thanks god, you finally added a display not very good looking but i think should be easy sniffing the data on the i2c bus and use a different display.
Too bad in the mean time I already purchased something similar... (a Panasonic sa-xr amp)

Looking at v2 i got a dangerous Idea:

I'm planning to build a 4 ways full digital system with a digital crossover (minidsp ore something similar) 1 amp for highs, 1 amp for medium, 1 amp for bass and 1 for sub.
Buying 4 of the current boards would be quite expansive for my money and also probably it lacks of power for feeding a sub unit.
Do you plan to add any cheaper or more powerfull variations?
For me would be great to have 2 kind of boards:
- a light and cheap board for the usual frequencies : No rempote, only stereo output, only one coaxial spdif input , at least 30w for channel
- a more powerfull board for the sub unit: No remote, only stereo, only one coaxial spdif input, at least 150w for channel using the sta in btl like in the sub unit should be a perfect fit
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