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usb dac 24/96 big trouble with uarp and note 2

usb dac 24/96 big trouble with uarp and note 2


you are my last resort:)

i have bought this one for my specialy use :using with my galaxy note 2 and it doesnt work without usb audio recorder pro but not at each time i'm very desapointed.

but i have a hope i'm in 4.1.2 custom rom omega with kernel neak.

ion the site and it written it works with galaxy note2 with the next upgrade what doesnt it mean cause samsung rom stock still in 4.1.2 not in 4.2.2

i'm lookin for someone who have the same configuration(i think to the miracle;)) or at least works in 4.2.2 custom rom which custom rom and kernel will work with or without usb audio recorder pro??

i hope someone could help me cause my dac for the moment is a nice little black box and nothing else:(

thanx in advance
Hi. the Sabre DAC (uae23) doesn't work with samsung phones. Only the Tiny and Android models works with (some) android devices.
It is not written that this dac works with android. Maybe you are mixing it up with the Tiny or Android models.

Look at this thread for more info:
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