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T1: green light shutdown, can't find cause

T1: green light shutdown, can't find cause


I have *I think* a T1 (AMT2050 V1.2 from 10/2010).

I recently connected on it a new pair of old speakers (100 W - 8 Ohms) and moved pretty much everything: cables, power supply (DC 24 V - 4 A), T1. It worked fine during two days but now after a short listening time (30 s to 2 mins) the green light shuts down and the sound is cut. The red light is still on exactly as if I moved the switch off.

If I cut the power and start it again: same problem.

If I move the switch off and on again: same problem.

The T1 doesn't seem damaged.

Can someone explain me what's happening?


So if anyone reads this thread: the speakers are not the culprits, this phenomenon also happens when no speakers are connected.

So it's either the amplifier or the power supply. Is it normal for the relay to switch off in case of small under-voltage?

C32 was the culprit; grew old and started having some leaks from the bottom (hard to see). New Rubycon is on-board now.

Thanks for your help dear muted forum users ;)!
Hi, sorry for lack of feedback.. good you found the cause and reported it. I
t can be hard to identify the cause of this kind of problems remotely without inspecting the board, as there could be many different reasons for that kind of symptom.
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