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Smps 500R dual AC quality problem

Smps 500R dual AC quality problem

Bought a smps500r 2x 45V from hifymediy recently.

First test ok. Second test, sparkle from mains circuit board contacts (yes connected mains correctly). A close inspection on the contacts gave that the the live pin was lose and the others seem about to come loose to.
Since Hifymediy states no warranty, i decided to laborate a bit and desoldered the contact and saw what i think the problem was. The pins of the phoenix terminal was less than 2mm so they barley went thru the circuit board hole and because of that probably had poor soldering contact and came loose when fastening the mains cable. (circuit board is only soldered from the bottom side).
Further check showed that also the secondary 45V contacts was loose, and the ferrite coil had 2 pins that came loose after only minor wiggling.

Is it normal to solder p/s components with so short pins?

Anyways this thing is in recykling now. ;)
there is actually a warranty, the text in the terms and conditions were updated recently.
It might be that it was roughly treated during shipment, as normally there are not many problems with the smps's.
If you still have it you can send it back.
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