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Noise and Hiss from T3S

Noise and Hiss from T3S


i recently set up my new T3S and there is a lot of noise and hiss coming out of the speakers. It is very obvious and can you can hear it above the music.

I have already made so investigations:

The noise grows up when I put on the light (which has a SMPS for the LEDs) or the PC (also SMPS ATX)I tested different power supplys, linear PSU and SMPS, with all the noise was presentI tested different sources for the music signal, the noise was not related to that

I also tried a T4 in the same setup and there was no noise! Why does the T3S have this sort of problem? Is it faulty? Is there anything what i can do? e. g. decoupling/film capacitors?

Hi, what happen with the noise if you short the inputs to GND ?
Or when you turn volume control to 0 if you have installed one close to the amp.
Hi Nick,

i just tried both of your suggestions: The Noise still remains when I short Input to GND or set the volume to 0. Is doesn't even change its intensity. So I don't think the noise is correlated to the input signal.

Do you have more suggestions? Thank you in advance!
Can you try to replace the bead with a wire? It's B3 near the DC offset adjustors. There are holes there where you could attach the wire.
edit: only need to add the review, don't remove B3.
Hi Nick, i solved the problem. It was a grouding issue between the psu of the input source and the psu of the T3. Now its working flawless :) just ordered some more T3. Thank you for your suggestions!
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