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DDX 320 sometimes switches off; manual is not clear or not correct

DDX 320 sometimes switches off; manual is not clear or not correct

The DDX sometimes switches off. I have seen this a couple times now. The power supply is 21VDC.

I have to switch it on and off a couple of times, press a lot of buttons (change channels, etc.) and then all of sudden it works again. Seems random.

About the DIP switches: does "open" mean "on"? Are you sure the manual is correct?

When I put dip switch 1 to Off (down) then I have 8 inputs.

1 8/4 x inputs

ON Up to 8 inputs, external inputs active

OFF Up to 4 inputs

2 Display dimming

ON Display auto off after 5sec

OFF Display always keep on

3 2.0/2.1 output mode

ON Output 2.0 mode

OFF Output 2.1 mode

4 Not used, should be put

ON Test mode, not used in OFF mode

OFF Normal
Which version of the ddx and version of the manual do you have?
The newest is here, V2 manual.pdf
however it is still not fully up to date. Switch 4 has +10dB function when ON (depending on which version of the ddx320 you have)
EDIT: we have made these updates now, new version here:
Do you have other remotes in the room, could the switching off be because it receives signal from another remote?
Don't know the version. I bought it on 06/09/2013.

Yes lot's of other remotes in the room. I will conceal the infrared receiver.

When I remove the ribbon cable of the display, power up / power down, attach the ribbon cable and power up, then the ddx comes out of standby mode and works ok. This is a tedious job.

I taped some aluminium foil over the infrared receiver, but that didn't help. Is there another way to completely disable the remote control?
Please provide a definitive solution for this issue. Can i remove the infrared receiver? Or is there a way to get the amp working without the ribbon cable attached.

There are a lot complaints about the display pcb and remote control and the crossover. I think most of us rather see a usb or i2s version. I use the ddx as one of 3 amps in an active system. It drives my tweeters. Every now and then it changes channel or volume or switches off. I then have to open the enclosure and fix it. It is not usable this way. Thats a shame because i really like the amplifier.
Hi, sorry for the slow reply. Yes, you could remove the infrared receiver by desoldering it. This is not optimal of course, but we don't have any other solution for this now.
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