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DDX 320 Idea

DDX 320 Idea

Dear HifimeDIY dudes,

Just an idea for a product you may consider building.

I want to use 2.1 channel DDX320 but feed it with USB input from my PC. I want to bypass my average sound card on my PC and take USB out from the computer, feed it into an amp and get a 2.1 signal out. You sell all the pieces I need to do this but when I put them all together it feels a little pricey. I wonder whether there are others that like the idea. I have no idea about the demand, but I imagine there may be other people interested in this function.

I am constructing the two speakers and passive subwoofer myself. I may either put all the electronic items in their own box or put them all in the subwoofer box. This decision will be made as I complete the design and tweak the speaker boxes.

I can purchase all the components I need to put together for this USB digital 2.1 amp from you but the product may stand on its own either as a circuit board or boxed unit?

As I see it now I need to buy

1) HiFimeDIY Sabre U2 Asynchronous USB DAC - this will be the output from my PC. This DAC also converts USB to optical, which is the feature being used here. $57.00

2) It seems there are quite a few recommendations to use the HiFimeDIY USB Isolator and it improves the quality of sound. $28.99

3) The Hifimediy DDX320v2.2 2.1 Digital Amplifier - the wonderful amp that gives the analogue 2.1 out signal $114

4) And the power supply, SMPS300R 28V 230V $59.99

5) Optical Cable to link the DAC to the Amp - I am not sure what I need here, but will this one that you sell link the DAC and amp? Optical cable. Optical to SPDIF $3.99

All together this costs $263.97.

There seems to be two DACS in there and I am sure there is more rationalisation that could be made if this combination was designed together? Maybe there is a better way and perhaps if I looked around the internet there are better options. But I have been impressed with HiFimeDIY's products and bought a number of items in the last year or so and I like to show loyalty to good products and organisations. So I thought I would suggest that there is a potential product in there somewhere? Just my 2 cents...

Other's thoughts? Perhaps I am missing something and there are better ways to achieve a USB 2.1 amp?

If your soundcard has an optical or digital coax out, then you can connect it directly to the ddx digital input. Otherwise buy an usb to spdif converter. You don't need the usb dac.
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