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We have, together with guenti_r confirmed that the 24V power supply was the problem.
We will supply a 18V supply in the future.
Today i received an Replacement.
Some Testing, same result.
When the UD20 receives 24/96 (Bitperfect), after 30-90 Seconds it shuts down for a half second, also noticeably on the Power-LED on the Front of the UD20.
Tested on Ubuntu, ArchLinux 32/64 Bit, different Kernels, different PCs/Notebooks (Alsa -> HW0:0), Windows 7 32/64, different USB-Cables etc...
Always the same....
I own since 2 weeks the amp. I tested it with my different Speaker, IMO it sounded best with the rather high impedance LS3/5a. The tweeter's smooth nature compensates the sometimes harsh (or brilliant) highs coming from the amp. The lack of bass is noticeable, but I used in my arrangement the EQUALIZER APO of the connected WIN8 Dell Venue 8 tablet and set a shelf filter at 80HZ with 6dB gain, in this combination it sounds absolutely wonderful. Concerning the PSU I realised that the 12V 4A also produced dropouts whereas the 19V 4A laptop PSU just works fine. I'm thinking to purchase a powerful LIPO battery 19V to be more mobile with a smaller Speaker set.


it doesnt depend on Input-Volume or Output-Volume.

I have made an request for replacement.
we haven't been able to reproduce this here, even tried with that Lorde album.
How loud are you playing, does it happen also at soft volumes? If only at louder volumes it could be that the amp is cutting out when reaching output limits. However, this wouldn't explain why windows makes it freeze.
Does it make any difference if you reduce the gain on your computer and increase volume on the UD20?

If this is not it, then we can send you a replacement, contact us directly.
Done some testing, and the Result is, it doesnt depend on any OS or Hardware.
It depends on the Music i playing!
Linux tested: Kernel 3.10, 3.11, 3.12, Alsa, Pulseaudio, different Players -> same Dropouts
MacOS 10.5 -> same Dropouts
Windows 7 32 Bit: UD20 freezes after 2-3 min playing music

I find out that the better the quality of music, the more dropouts are created.
Best Music to test is "Lorde - Pure Heroine" from HDTracks (24/48)
It doesnt matter if 16/44, 24/48, 24/96 etc...

Edit: Tested with some Soundfiles and it seems that the Dropouts are reproduceable with Sub-Bass-Music.
Very bad!
Can i send the UD20 for repair?
I didnt test ist in Windows or MacOS, but i will test it this weekend and report the result!
did you test this in windows and mac os? We have only tested high resolution in windows and mac. However it seems strange why this would work with U2 and not with Ud20.
Last Week i received this Device.

Very well build Quality!

Sounds very nice, compared to an Sabre U2 Async. & Tk2050.

The bad things are, the UD20 has slightly less Bass than other Amplifiers.

Next Problem, i cannot play higher flacs than 16/44 under Linux.

If i play 24/48 or 24/96 i have massive Dropouts...

With the UD2 Async. DAC i never had any Problems.
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