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Sony remotes?

Sony remotes?

Does anyone happen to know whether the remote for a Sony BDP-S490 Blu-ray player will interfere with the DDX320?
Just wanted to note for the benefit of others that the remote for a Sony BDP-S490 does not seem to interfere with the DDX320, meaning the two units can be used in the same system.

I have edited this post as originally I thought that the Sony remote had caused a problem but this was not in fact true.
Is there any reason why it would be a bad idea to run a wire from the pads (see below) to a switch on the case to create a reset switch on the case for when the amp crashes due to remote control issues? Would this then be able to work to reset the amp without powering down at all?

Would really appreciate some feedback on this please.

Hi, first sorry about the problem and that you had to test it yourself to check if the sony remote would interfere.
About the shorting of those pads, it's actually not necessary as the as the same reset will happen when pressing the rotary switch when when powering on.
If that doesn't fix it, then the other procedure (reboot without display cable) might be required.
Hi Nick,

Thanks for your response. I am afraid I have been giving inaccurate information. The problem is not actually the remote. The amp stops responding or playing sound when the blu-ray player is playing a DVD or BD disc. If I then put in a CD it recovers and plays sound again and responds to instructions from the remote. If I play another DVD or BD disc then it freezes again.

Apologies for misunderstanding the problem. Because I was worried that the remote would cause a problem I guess I was too quick to assume that that was the issue. In fact this seems to be a completely different fault/incompatibility.

To be clear, something in the SPDIF data stream is triggering this fault when the BDPS-490 plays a DVD or blu-ray disc. Could you confirm please whether the DDX320 should be able to play such material?

Also, it seems that the push button function of my rotary encoder is not working. There is a positive feeling of a switch mechanism engaging when I press it, but the channel does not change. This explains why the reset function (turning amp on while holding it down) did not work.

It is possible that this is my fault as I used an epoxy glue to fix it to the acrylic front panel I made for my case (no nut was supplied with the encoder). I guess some of the epoxy could conceivably have got inside the encoder, although I was quite careful to guard against this.
DVD/blu-ray might output DTD/AC3 signal, which is not supported by DDX320. It would appear frozen and come back when the signal is stopped.
The glue could also cause a problem, hard do say from here.
Can you check about the blu-ray signal first?
Nick, you are a genius and I am definitely not. I was able to alter the settings in the player to output linear PCM and the DDX320 is now playing DVDs happily. I am very sorry for not thinking of this and for maligning the name of your fine amplifier with my post above, which I have now edited.

The DDX now works well and sounds lovely!
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