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ddx320 no display and no power led

ddx320 no display and no power led

Yes I changed it. The issue remains.
Hi, a faulty display cable could cause this. Krakboam - did you try with the other cable?
I have almost the same problem, except that the power led does work. It´s not playing music though. Using the SMPS300R, measured exactly 28V at the power input of the amp. The machine is only 2 weeks in use and worked fine until yesterday. It´s a mystery to me!
Any Idea, anyone?
When I play music, both leds (v2.1) light up. I can still use the rotary control to change channels. Still no display and no music!
The power led and display on my ddx320 do not light up anymore. It has been working before, although I sometimes had to reset it, because of the issues with other remote controls.

I tried to reset by:

switching power on and off
removing the display cable, switch on / off, attach cable and switch on
restart the MCU (short the RSR to GND at these pads near the DIP switches while powered on)

None of the above worked

I'm sure it is not the display itself, because I have another ddx320 and switched the displays.

Any suggestions?
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