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Computer does recognize my U2

Computer does recognize my U2

EDIT: Title should be "doesn't recognize my U2".

I got a U2 today and it worked for about 5 minutes before I had to leave.

After I came back from my exam, my unit stopped working with my computer. I run windows, and on the "playback devices" list there is only my onboard speakers. I have "show disabled/disconnected devices" checked so it's not that.

I have tried multiple times to fix this by uninstalling my usb drivers through Device Manager, hoping that it is a driver problem, but my device still doesn't show up on playback devices.

In device manager, I cannot find the unit anywhere. When it is plugged in, the red light coming out of the line-in is on, but the small green light on the face of the device does not light up. However, when it is plugged in, none of my USB ports are shown to be using any power.

Is this a problem with my unit? I don't have access to another computer at the moment, so I can't test the device on another computer.
what drivers did you install and uninstall? What version of windows?
it's easiest not use windows drivers (not the ASIO ones). Try to reboot computer to see if that helps.
I was going through the Device Manager, and clicking "uninstall drivers" for each USB port, then rebooting my PC. I also installed ASIO4ALL, which when I ran, did not detect my U2.

I am running windows 7.

I have run the program speccy on my computer, and while the program updates with every other device I plug in (keyboard+mouse). When I plug the U2 in, nothing new is detected.

EDIT: I had the device unplugged for an hour or so, then when I plugged it back in, the device was recognized and the drivers were being downloaded by windows, however it immediately became unplugged again.

EDIT2: The device finally installed the windows drivers, and the device works, however only sometimes. It seems to work for either a few seconds, or an hour or so, before it ceases being detected by my computer, and then immediately replugging the device doesn't do anything. The device only works again if I unplug it for at least 10 minutes, then after some time, it disconnects, and the problem cycle begins again.;
Hi again. It seems to behave strange, it could be a problem with this unit. Please contact us to organise a replacement.
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