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UAE23+HP volume control

UAE23+HP volume control

Removed the springs and seems to work. 3 days have passed with no undesired behavior. Thank you!

@Bogdan this is an earlier version of this DAC. The volume is controlled by the two springs on the left on the photo, so you could try to bend those wires so they don't make accidental contact. Or remove them.

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Hi guys, I have the UAE23+ dac with the built in volume control. For a couple of weeks it started controling the operating systems volume by its own lowering or raising it. I have never used it until now but even if i do it doesnt seem to work. The only thing i can do to stop it si to physicaly touch the dac's case then it stops. If i remember correctly i told hifimediy i dont want the volume control function and if they can to deliver the dac without it. I will attach a picture with the board. My question is, can i do something to to disable this function from the board? Thanks, Bogdan.
(2.86 MB)
hi, yes it's I2S level.
Hi, thanks for the reply.
So, just to be absolutely clear, it's a digital volume control at the I2S level, right?
Hi, the SA9023 has volume control feature, which is controller by the computer.

my DAC arrived this week. It works well and sounds great. Thanks guys!

I have a question regarding volume control implementation though. AFAIK the ES9023 does not have any volume control feature, but the DAC enumerates some HID endpoint and registers two ALSA mixer controls in Linux. How does the VC work? Is it some digital volume adjustment in SA9023 controller? I2C analog volume potentiometer?
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