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ddx320 2.3 remote learning does not work

ddx320 2.3 remote learning does not work

Hi all,

It seems like the remote learning feature on my ddx320 does not work.

This is particularly unfortunate as the default low-cut is set to 80hz which makes my speakers sound thin - don't want a sub.


The learning counter advances with every keypress, I can exit the learning mode with the stick, but the remote does not work afterwards.

Tried it with multiple remotes, no difference.

Volume settings and input channel (set with the stick) are saved just fine when the power is cut instantly.

Any idea what's wrong?

Any way to disable the lowcut without remote? (then I could do without remote learning...)

Very cool amp despite this issue!

Thank you in advance & kind regards, dlx
Hi, can you try to reset it to default mode? Press and hold the button when power on, then try the remote learning sequence again.
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