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2.1 channel full digital (USB) amp?

2.1 channel full digital (USB) amp?
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Dear Hifimediy,
I'd like a 2.1 channel version of the UD20 / UD80, please can you make one? :D

FDA over USB is just the future, its such a great concept. NAD / marantz etc moving that way, but much more expensive

Maybe 90% of the music people listen to now is mp3/flac rather than CD/vinyl

Maybe 90% of your target market has a smartphone that supports USB OTG (even if they don't realise it)

the UD20 and UD80 are neeeeearly what I want, but not 2.1 channel
the DDX320 is very interesting too, but also has its downsides - no USB, no enclosure, faff with the remote

there's various competition in the market for similar things eg:
-chinese 2.1 class D amps using TDA3116D chip that're very cheap but not FDA.
-traditional big hifi companies that're very expensive, and aimed more at large listening room systems rather than desktop / computer systems

So here is a suggested spec list, to make perhaps the perfect desktop amp of the future:

-2.1 channel full digital amp with asynchronus USB input

-high bitrate support, no onboard downsampling

-small sleek black enclosure, similar to UD#0 with nice volume dial on the front

-no remote please

-crossover frequency adjustment (optional? maybe done from the pc via the usb?)

-bass / treble adjustment (optional?)

-enough power (at least) for 2x 15-20 watt 3" drivers, like Fostex FF85WK or Dayton ND90-8 / Aura NS3

-enough power (at least) for 40-80 watt 5" sub, like Tang Band W5-1138SM

-auto power on/off linked to the USB source

-3.5mm input (optional?)

-price similar to your current range of amps


-aptX bluetooth support / module

-5.25" computer drive bay mounting rack / adapter
-- inc power adapter to run off the computer's (12v) PSU via 4pin molex
-- USB input cable to run from motherboard USB pin headers
-- speaker cables out the back of PC via PCI slot plate?

-5.1 channel version

If this sounds like something you think would be an interesting product, please comment / contribute :)
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