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9018 output delay issue

9018 output delay issue

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I believe its the current production run of the 9018D that have the new implementation of the chip. Should be what's shipping now. Nick, you can correct me if I'm wrong about that.

@James Yang, yes both a setting and the V version chip in the newer 9018D has much reduced delay. 

@Bill Street - Thanks!

@Hifime - I understand you're working on a new 9018 model that will be more expensive and have more features than the 9018D. Will that new model have the setting and the V version chip like the 9018D (or any other fixes for the delay)?

Do you know how much the new model will cost, or features?

Thanks again.

@Hifime - Are you working on a new 9018 model? It's what I had heard; is it true?

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