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UX1 SPDIF Volume Control

UX1 SPDIF Volume Control
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I am interested to buy a USB DAC with Toslink and line outputs both together controlling by digital volume. It must be compatible with Android and powered from USB connection.
Does HIFIMEDIY UX1 SABRE USB DAC have all this capabilities? Or may be any other model exists?

PS: My final target - is to connect and control the volume of two car amplifiers (at the same time) to Android head unit.
1st 4ch amp has a toslink input and DSP embedded - Bi-Amp with delays for two-way front speakers (does not have analog outputs);
2nd 1ch amp has analog line input only - will be used for subwoofer.
To prevent the loss of sound depth while using digital volume control I am going to upsample sound to 24/96 on Android side. Is this only one way for me?
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