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9018 different characteristics with low impedance earphones

9018 different characteristics with low impedance earphones

I'm trying my 9018 with Sony MDR10RBT (40 ohms), Shure SE535 (36 ohms), Nad Viso HP50 (32 ohms). The only one that sounds "normal" from this batch is the Sony, others sound really really tinny (= without any bass and with sparky treble). This observation is the exact opposite I get from the raw output of my macbook and android phone (with them Nad and Shure sounds good but Sony sounds lacking).

Is this impedance behaviour of 9018 is expected/normal or could my unit be defective?
One thing that could explain it is that the plug doesn't have a good fit. Can you check this?
Sony and Nad have replaceable standard 3,5mm cables going to the cans so I cross checked the cables (nad's cable with sony and vice versa), there wasn't any difference in the sound.

Someone over at reddit mentioned this which made sense:

I have a 9018 inside of my M-DAC, but I don't think that what you're hearing is the chips doing, it's much more likely the implementation (all the parts around the chip). For what it's worth, my 50 ohm 598's seem to have plenty of bass with no hint of impedance mismatch.
Yes, I will get more bass from them if I connect them to a "lower quality" source, but only because the impedance mismatch will cause the bass to be blown out of proportion.
I'd say what you're hearing with your 9018 DAC is how these headphones actually sound.
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