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T1 amp in wooden case

T1 amp in wooden case

Thought I'd post some shots of my completed T1 amp and recommended 38V SMPS. Source is an old Audio Innovations CDP feeding some (equally) old Polk RT12's. I don't pretend to know any audiophile gobbledegook but it sounds great to my 45 year old ears, good clarity and quite good bass. I just read on here that the 2 pots near the volume pot are for DC offset adjust. I measured 40mv and -20mv before I connected speakers and wasn't too worried about it but I'll try and get them down a bit tomorrow.

Very happy with everything from hifimediy - great product, good price and fast shipping. This was my first but probably won't be my last.


Steve by Steven, on Flickr by Steven, on Flickr by Steven, on Flickr by Steven, on Flickr

What a wonderful case! I saw some of your other work at the flicker link that you posted, I am very impressed.

I have bought the same amplifier-power supply combination, but do not have much of a clue on how to proceed with building a case and getting everything connected. I have never done this before in my life and was hoping to be able to figure out what materials to use, how to connect what, and which tweeks to make, just by Googling around and asking others, in hope of a friendly reply.

So, here goes, would you have any notes or hints, links, tips, ideas available for building a case and getting the two components working without hissing, buzzing, or shorting out?

Many thanks in advance.
Hi Rusty, Only just found your reply (sorry I don't visit here often). Thanks for your comments.

Pretty hard to tell someone how to build a case over a forum like this, all I can say is that it's not that hard :-) It's just a box with holes in it. But if woodworking is not your thing maybe find a ready made aluminium case. I don't have any links just yet but google is your friend, I have seen heaps on ebay.

Connections are fairly self explanatory, just pay particular attention when you wire up the IEC plug (240 or 110 V there). If you need further clarification ask specific questions here (or over on my flickr).

Also, check out DIYaudio dot com if you haven't already.

Good luck and post a pic when you finish.
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