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Sabre U2 USB DAC noise problems

Sabre U2 USB DAC noise problems

Hi to all,

I am new to this forum and the world of portable Hi-Fi.

I recently decided to upgrade my headphone sound and started by getting a Sennheiser Momentum headphone. (Impedance =18 Ω , Load rating = 200 mW ).

After reading about the U2 DAC, I ordered one and also a FiiO E06 amp.

The headphones and amp works perfectly with no noise from my laptop (Win8.1 64bit + Foobar 2000), but when I add the U2, I can hear plenty of noise, a very high frequency continuous sound and also a constant distortion. When connecting the headphones directly to the U2, I still get all of that, even at very low volume settings.

I tried it on a HP laptop and also on my Lenovo.

What can be the problem? Is it really the USB 5V that is that noisy or can it be a fault with the U2?
Received my replacement DAC today and full refund on the postage to return the faulty unit.

It works and sound fantastic, Sennheiser Momentum directly into the DAC, no amp inbetween. No distortion, drives it perfectly. Great product, great company and great price. :up: ;)
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