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Sabre USB ES9023 real or fake?

I just got this dac, but asio driver can't detect the device in windows 7 64bit. i tried both drivers provided in product page. I managed to install with maudio transit driver but it's limited to 16/44. Then i realised the 3.5mm port color is red and i can't find the same color via google. Please help, thanks.

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We have used several different plugs on this, so almost certainly not fake.

Is it the U2 or the Sabre DAC aka uae23? The uae23 uses either the Savitech or Tenor USB receiver, so you might have the wrong driver.

Tenor driver:

Savitech driver:

Hmm, i don't know exactly, but i found this page: The page says it's UAE20 with TAS1020 usb, and i must use m-audio asio driver (it works tho) I'll try tenor driver, savitech didn't work for me. just curious. Thanks.

You could open the box to check the model and chip. But It's most probably the Tenor receiver.

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