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Time for a hifime media player?

If you've seen what can be made in terms of cheap computing power, like the C.H.I.P. project, then you can see what a combination it would be to have a small media player worth maybe $119 USD that contains an Allwinner Arm R8  computer running Debian Linux combined with a 9018K2M and a 9601 Amp, a LiPo battery and a small LCD display.

This would be a fantastic media player to rival those at 10 times the price and it would have wifi, bluetooth and the best USB host mode support ready to go.

Someone could put together a basic music player daemon config for it, the community would be all over it to make different software overlays for it - not difficult with Linux providing a sturdy base.

Maybe $149 for a nice aluminium box and a few ports like dual micro SD slots.

That device would simply take the media player market, such quality and flexibility at such a great price.

Take my idea, I'll be putting these components together myself anyway, it would be cool to have it all in one small unit though.

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I read, in forum and in question & feedback, that some people use Raspberry Pi to feed in the Hifime USB DAC. It should be nice to have more feedback and precise configuration.

What are they doing?

Is there a place to get some details or links about 'best' ideas to make such a USB host?

That would be one of the last steps before a DIY high-end DAP.

To the original poster of this thead: Could you tell us what you did?

Music Player Daemon (mpd) is a great music server. There are clients for Android and everything else that allow you to manipulate your collection remotely from a tablet or phone. That way, you don't need a permanent screen or permanent input devices on the raspberry pi.

There is a way to play sounds using realtime scheduling too, which prevents skipping completely for 44.1 KHz sources if you need to apply any eq. dynamically.

If you only want bit-for-bit output of your music, then mpd won't skip at all for any frequencies the DAC supports.

If you are interested in making one, I can give some tips on how to set it up.

Back on this topic...

Yes please, I'll like some tips on setting up a usb source for the UDP80 power DAC.


BTW I've just found that some some solutions have been polished (like Volumio), I wonder if I miss something if I plan a solution with UDP80 + 36V psu + volumio on some headless tiny hardware .

Hum... maybe it lacks remote volume control on the UDP80.

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