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Android DAC with USB Type-C

Hello, I own the Sabre Android DAC. I recently switched to Type-C Nexus 6P. I tried using my Android DAC with a USB Type-C - micro USB adapter (brand: Techmatte). It doesn't work.

The issue seems to be the adapter not being built for passing audio...

Any thoughts / suggestions?

Is HiFiMeDIY planning on selling a Type-C Android DAC?

Thank you in advance,


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We have read that some of those converters doesn't really work except for charging.  We are looking into make a DAC with type-C. 

edit: Soon available!

Hi Alexandre

I have a Nexus 5X and a HiFimeDIY Sabre Android DAC.

I purchased a USB C to Micro USB female adaptator on Amazon for a few euros. If you do so, make sure the one you select is OTG compatible.

Plugged it to my phone and then plugged the DAC in.

It works.

But for some reasong I feel like the sound is not as clear and not as loud as it used to me on my Moto G...

It could be due to this adaptator... or may be, some code in the Nexus 5X OS...

@Hifime: any timeline on the USB C DAC ? Thanks!

The plug probably doesn't change the signal, but it might be the 5X or the Android version it uses that works this way. You might get better results with USB Audio Player Pro.

It might still take some time util we have a USB type C DAC ready.

Hi Damien, I cannot find a USB C to Micro USB female adaptator that is otg compatible! Could you give me the name of the one you use? Thank you so much!!
This one does not work: 
 This one works: 
 Sans aucun problème :)

Great!! Thanks Damien. I ordered the equivalent from ( 

It should work too as it specifies OTG support.

Merci!! :)

Damien, I got my Victsing adapter and :(((  It does not work.

I plug it in with my DAC and nothing happens, the sound come out of the front speaker of my Nexus 6P.

Did you have to do anything on your phone for it to work?


We are making a type C DAC now! It's the Sabre 9018 with type-C plug. Available in 3 weeks or so.

Great news! Will be looking forward to trying it!

The Sabre 9018 type-C doesn't work my my LG G5. Am I doing something wrong? Or did I get a dud?

  • @OZX we haven't tested it with the LG G5. Is the LED light on the DAC on? Is there any sound at all or is it completely dead?

Ok I've tried plugging it in and out, and I got it to work like 1 out of every 50 attempts. Most of the time the LED light just flickers and goes dead. Sometimes though the light will stay on and there will be sound played out of the DAC. 

There's also some stuttering for about a second or so when the connection is successful (and the LED stays on). I"m not playing any music then.

This is frustrating..

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