Sabre 9018 USB TYPE-C DAC !

We are now making a batch of the Sabre 9018 DAC with USB type-C cables. It connects directly to any device with USB type-C as the new Macbook, Nexus 6p phone etc.

We tested it with Nexus 6p and it works as expected out of the box. The DAC has a low power consumption and doesn't drain the phone battery much.

We will have them available by then end of this month.


the output impedance of the Sabre9601 output stage chip is 4.7ohm.


I dit not see anything about the impedance of this DAC on the manual...


Can you tell me what is the impedance of the Hifime UAE23HD, please ?

Thanks ! :-)

Yes it works on pixel 2 and other 2017/18 devices.

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Hi, this DAC work with the pixel 2?

So I received the type c dac today from hifime, confirming it works well with HTC U11.

@Rghai53 it's a new phone and not tested yet. But it's likely to work, especially the newly released batch that has a tweak to improve Android compatibility.

Will this work with HTC U11?

Hi just found this site. Can anyone confirm if this will work with the new Samsung S8+?

Also works with Lumia 950.


They are out of stock though? When will they be back?


no, but a simple cable like this wouldn't add too much extra:

Is there a version of this device that has a RCA output instead of a 3.5mm jack? I would like to pair it with the following device, and it would be more streamlined to hook it directly instead of having to use a 3.5 to RCA adapter. This setup would be used to push audio from my Nexus 7 to my car amp.

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