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PSU for 2x T4?


I have a set of two T4's that I have been running off a sla battery bank but thats getting a bit impractical so I want to build a complete amp with a psu.

I have been looking at and I saw the SMPS800RS which I figured would work well. 

Couldnt find it in your webshop though, are you able to get me that one or is it safe to order it from (the site doenst seem to have been updated since 2012 and havent found much info after that eiither which got me a bit vary)

Or is there anything else I should consider that might also do the job?

What would you recommend for use with two T4s?

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You can also use two SMPS600R 48V to power each its T4. 

We don't have the SMPS800RS, you can get it from

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