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panasonic rp-hd10, wich dac to choose ?

Hi dears,

Happy user of panasonic rp-hd10 headphones, I looking for some dac to drive this one.

I mean from computer plug, as better way to listen music (jazz mainly, folk and rock for second choice...) than integrated sound card.

My question is linked to the particulary low inpedance of this headphone (18ohms).

I planned to use this with Sabre ES9023 DAC .

Do you confirm is a right choice regarding this headphone specs ?

Thanks !

Enjoy Music ! ;-)

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Hi, the 18 ohm impedance is too low for the Sabre DACs with es9023. So either one of the es9023 models that has a headphone amp chip, or one of the DACs with ES9018k2m chip.

I would recommend the Sabre 9018

or you can consider the es90823 UX1

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