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Hifime SPDIF Optical 9018 DAC question (moved from reviews)

by  jcdelgad2000:

I just purchased the Hifime SPDIF Optical 9018 DAC in order to use with a Chromecast Audio.  I have purchased a Y cable from Amazon to power both with the same cable.  However, i have heard a couple of mentions of powering it with a battery pack. 

Can someone please explain further?  Why is this better?  what type of battery pack would I need? etc

thank you


Ok, so contact the eBay seller first if you need support and they will handle it. You can also contact us (keep the paypal receipt).

Hi, I bought it from seller listed under having paysapay id only. The other product I did buy from hifime directly has the order id 19333 dtd. 04.02.18 and this item has arrived today.

Hi Kamal, you just use your order number if you need to contact us. 

Hi, Recently I hv purchased a hifime 9018 k2m optical dac and would like to know the product registration details for future warranty claim.

You can use a battery like the power packs that are used to charge phones. The benefit is that the DC power from a battery is cleaner compared to from a USB charger/power supply. 

The DAC doesn't draw a lot of power, so you should be able to use it for a while on a single charge.

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